An Amulet for Election

photo copyWe are Jubilant for the Return of Brother Doug to Municipal Leadership.  Pastor Morgan has entered into a PRAYER OF AGREEMENT for Brother Doug’s Mayoral Victory calling into authority an Amulet for Election.  Even in the midst of a Hurricane, we are Victorious!

Devil Bless


Icons of Gay Heavy Metal Toronto Pride 2016

This year’s Pride aspirations were a Tremendous Success!  Our Icons of Gay Heavy Metal float came roaring down Yonge Street boasting your elected Icons Rob Halford (Judas Priest) Kerry King (Slayer) and Paul Stanley (Kiss)  Watch the Miracle Footage, Discover Satan!


Yes!  After averting a legal battle with the Human Rights Council, we can finally air the controversial Ethnic Diversity BBQ Episode.  This is a major Triumph for our Ministry and the basic freedoms synonymous with Religious Expression.  It seems we’ve gotten so Politically Correct that we’ve forgotten our Stereotypes.  Devil Bless Cultural Diversity!

Our Award Winning Float @ Zombie Walk


HELLaluiah Brothers and Sisters
Look out for us this Saturday October 25th, as we Bedeck the City with our Award Winning Float at the Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade at 3PM.  The float has been specially designed to transmit Psychoactive Waves in the form of Tremors into the ground as it Graces the parade route carving out Fault Lines for Municipal Prosperity.  Subways for Brother Doug!  Come Revel in the Devour with me, Pastor Morgan Wilkes, in Solidarity with Satan this Saturday



Praise the Devil, I am just Jubilant!  Tomorrow we take the Gospel to the Airwaves when we Divine Devilfaction on the Todd Shapiro Show on SiriusXM at 4pm.  I Beseech you to tune in for Digital Anointing, Receive the Word of Satan and Welcome the Devil into your Heart, Mind and Body, HELLaluiah!


Shortly after the shroud came down exposing the Golden RoFo Idol, there were reports of a shockwave felt across the convention hall floor.  This of course was no shockwave, instead a Pyschic Tsunami radiating from the Idol in it’s all it’s Rapturous Glory.  In other words, a Miracle so big that it could not be contained.  What people were experiencing was the sudden overflow of Devil Prosperity.  I would like to invite you all to come to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and kneel before our Glorious RoFo Idol and bring Re-Election to this Beloved City.  Devil Pronounce Ford More Years.


On August 29th at precisely 12pm we will be unveiling A Golden RoFo Idol at the Metro Toronto Convention Center’s North Building for the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear.  This will also mark the beginning of a Three Day Prayer Vigil and serve as a Re-Election Tribute.  I am Encouraging you to Make and Keep this Appointment with Satan in the name of RoFo Prosperity.  The Devil sent me this Vision, a Blue Print for a Miracle so Big, it will NOT be Contained.  Come in Faith and Receive the Devilfaction.

In Satan’s Name
Pastor Morgan


I want to see you at Mayhemfest on July 25th!  The Molson Canadian Amphitheater in Toronto City Canada will become the Epicenter for Devil Prosperity.  Come Revel in the Devour and visit us at our Outreach Pavilion where we will be Healing, Rebuking and Beating SIN into Flesh.  It is OK to Openly Love Satan, come and Rejoice with us in our Glorious Devil, HELLaluiah!

Pastor Morgan


gay pathWe have been invited to march at the 2014 World Pride Parade in Toronto.  I am calling upon all our Brothers and Sisters to come and March with us alongside our Devil and help send a Universal Message of Love and Acceptance.  The marching party will be congregating at 1:30pm at the intersection of Bloor and Ted Rogers Way on June 29th. Message this site or Pastor Morgan’s Facebook to reserve your spot in our marching party, Praise the Devil, Satan Loves Fags!