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Yes, now you too can be Gayer than Slayer with this beautifully designed Gayer shirt. It wasn’t easy getting all those cocks on the shirt so pony up faggots and buy one NOW! Before we get a cease and desist order.

$20.00 pledge of faith

Gayer T-Shirt


Gorgozon’s Debut Cassette Tape Under the Sign of the Freezing Moon Death Mountain Forest Frost Snow Tree Ice. This album has been almost Ten Years in the making, a True Black Metal Master Work. Beautifully captured under Full Moon recording sessions starting in 2006, it is available on cassette tape only as to preserve the acoustic integrity of Gorgozon’s Strict Nocturnal Tracking Regiment.Track Listing: Rotting Death Bag Huffer, The Great Snaketomatrist, War Torn Smokes, Negromantic Forest Rape $5.00 pledge of faith

image[4]Prayer Pillows
These are among some of our most Highly Coveted Faith Tools. Each pillow authentically handcrafted in industrious China has a prayer inscribed on the backside. Ideal for reinvigorating the ill stricken or General Prayer Regiment (GPR) They Are Empowered, They Will Empower You! Available in Pastor Morgan Red or Victor Marshall Blue.

Prayer Pillows

image[3]Miracle Prayer Cloth
The fibres in these Prayer Cloths are sheared from Kosher Sheep, the fabric then woven in a remote Israeli village outside of Gesher. Own a piece of the Holy Land and with it bestow a Special Blessing unto your Life. With the power to Stop Bullets, this Miracle Prayer Cloth is your first line of defence for End Times.

Miracle Prayer Cloth

imagejs-close Jesus Saves Satan Pays T-Shirt
This is the shirt that Started it All. Re-Anointed and Re-Designed, it now bares the Likeness of the Pastor raising its overall Demonic Potential. Be the the First on your block to spread the Word of the Devil through this Magnificent T-Shirt
$20 Pledge of Faith

Jesus Saves Satan Pays T-Shirt

image[1] Satan Wants Us To Succeed
With the overwhelming popularity of our Prayer Pillows comes these Precious T-Shirts. We’ve answered the email requests with this limited T-Shirt pressing of the pillow design. Each shirt Individually Blessed under the supervision of Pastor Morgan Wilkes on site at Cloven Parsonage, a Gateway to Devil Prosperity.
$20 Pledge if Faithsucceed-close

Satan Wants Us To Succeed T-Shirt

image[2]Satan Loves Fags T-Shirt
These shirts commemorate our Satan Loves Fags outreach at World Pride in Toronto. They were worn by the marching contingent to honour people living alternative lifestyles in oppressive countries. With the Grace of Satan we were Successful in Transmitting a Universal Message of Love and Acceptance among all who Serve the Flesh.
$20 Pledge of Faithsata-close

Satan Loves Fags T-Shirt

goods-crackamania1 goods-crackamania2Rofo Crackamania T-shirt
You will be the Height of Fashion in this beautiful Rofo T-Shirt. Made with Anointed Fibres, wearing this shirt is just as good as being touched by the Pastor. “I pray over each shirt so that the Devil Prosperity can percolate from the fibres within and absorb into your Flesh.”“I am diminutive in the breastal area and after having slept in the shirt overnight, I woke up to discover that I had grown one cup size!” –Chantelle Kemp, Poughkeepsie, NY$20, including shipping to Canada or the US.


Miracle Anointing OilMiracle Anointing Oil
I want to send you this vial of Miracle Anointing Oil. This is a powerful product formulated by the esteemed Dr. Victor Marshall using Recycled Breast Implant Jelly. Every drop anointed with Devillic Intention and blessed by the Pastor himself.

  • Ideal for Dramatic Weight Loss
  • Reverses Infertility and Menopause
  • Grows Hair
  • Recognized Viagra Substitute
  • Increases Gas Mileage
  • Cures Most Illnesses
  • Debt Cancellation

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