I want to see you at Mayhemfest on July 25th!  The Molson Canadian Amphitheater in Toronto City Canada will become the Epicenter for Devil Prosperity.  Come Revel in the Devour and visit us at our Outreach Pavilion where we will be Healing, Rebuking and Beating SIN into Flesh.  It is OK to Openly Love Satan, come and Rejoice with us in our Glorious Devil, HELLaluiah!

Pastor Morgan


gay pathWe have been invited to march at the 2014 World Pride Parade in Toronto.  I am calling upon all our Brothers and Sisters to come and March with us alongside our Devil and help send a Universal Message of Love and Acceptance.  The marching party will be congregating at 1:30pm at the intersection of Bloor and Ted Rogers Way on June 29th. Message this site or Pastor Morgan’s Facebook to reserve your spot in our marching party, Praise the Devil, Satan Loves Fags!


FROM CBC TO LAS VEGAS – Pastor Auditions for Dragon’s Den

HELLaluiah!  I am just Jubilant on the heels of our Dragon’s Den Audition.  The Devil came to me in the Image of Kevin O’Leary and told me about a $500K Pledge of Faith for our Mission into Las Vegas.  The formality of auditioning and going on the program will further the reaches of our Gospel.  MAKE NO MISTAKE!  The O’Leary Devil Apparition is Divining in the name of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars and given me Clear Instructions on how to Proceed.  Devil Bless the One Percent!

A Visit from Gorgozon

IMG_8610We had the pleasure of hosting Gorgozon this past weekend.  It is amazing to see how Satan has Inspired this young artist, watching him blossom since being acquitted of murder and church burnings in Norway.  This Devil has the Power to Adjust the Odds and Gorgozon is Living Proof!


EricI didn’t understand why people wanted me to sign Nickelodeon paraphernalia at conventions until they started bringing 8*10s of Danny Cooksey.  At first I thought it was funny and even signed a few on his behalf.  However, it has since matured into a Full Blown Online Catastrophe (FBOC) with hordes of obnoxious emails and appearance requests. I call it into Authority in the name of Satan RIGHT NOW that I am NOT Danny Cooksey and he is NOT me!  Please respect us both and look to Sin for Clarity and Correction.

Praise the Devil
Pastor Morgan

Lesbos is for Lovers

I received a letter today from Gloria and Matilda, a Lesbian Couple I married in Toronto back in 2007.  It read of the hardships experienced by a same sex couple coming up in a still hetero society.  About the struggle and strife they would endure to protect their love.  But above all, it told a story of how the Devil had brought together these two Beautiful Lesbians under Holy Union and built a Covenant so strong, that it could not be broken by their families, their friends, society or even god himself.  I am most Proud to have sealed this Holy Union.  Proud to have entered into this Covenant between Satan and these two young women.  Today they reside on the Greek island of Lesbos along with other Native Lesbians.  I have posted their wedding pic as a reminder of the Special Love that exists between two women.  Thank you Sisters Gloria and Matilda.  Devil Bless the Gay and Lesbitarian Community, HELLaluiah!


We have had to cancel our World Renowned RoFo Bus Tour, at least for the time being.  I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who helped make the tours a BIG SUCCESS!  And especially Mayor RoFo, Brother Doug and everyone at Ford Nation, Devil Bless You!


We are Chastened and Exulted having been invited to Minister at Bam Margera’s Fuckface Unstoppable Show.  The Spirit of the Devil is working in the Hearts and Minds of the people in Toronto City, Canada; a city overflowing with Devil Prosperity RIGHT NOW.  This Sunday Night at the Annex Wreckroom in Toronto will be a Rare and Powerful Window for Devil Prosperity.  Those who come in Faith will receive The Devilfaction, Revel in the Devour!

Sunday, December 15, 2013 | 4:00 PM
The Annex WreckRoom
More here: https://www.facebook.com/events/647792808575681/?source=1

We Got Another Bus!

The RoFo Bus Tour is back and better than ever before thanks to a Generous Bus Donation, the Devil is Providing! For an extra Pledge Gift of $15, you can ride in the 1990 Volvo Station Wagon along the chase route and relive the chilling affair of Sketchy the Clown as he’s pursued by Mayor RoFo and Brother Doug in a Low Speed Chase through picturesque Etobicoke. Get your tickets and get on the Bus to Devil Prosperity, come in Faith and Receive the Devilfaction!

Buy Rofo Bus Tour tickets here: clovenpath.com/rofobustour

Bus Appeal

sprinter1“Our bus company has suspended service to us because of all the police presence and controversy surrounding our tours and this Ministry.  At this time, we are making a public appeal for a bus so we can continue spreading the Gospel of the Devil and take our beloved citizens and tourists on this most compelling tour of the Ford Scandal.  We have a licensed driver, just require the vehicle.  The tour does not break any laws or bylaws in the City of Toronto, so there’ll be no arrest for your involvement.  We appreciate all the Pledges of Faith that have been coming in, so keep on giving in Satan’s name.”
–Pastor Morgan

More on the subject at this NOW Magazine article.