Demon duo loves driftwood – An Interview with National Post
It’s been called a fraud, an infectious art performance and a meticulously researched spoof on televangelism. But Pastor Morgan Wilkes and his partner, Dr. Victor Marshall, PhD in demonology, refuse to break character. The pair hosts “Evangelical Satanic Faith Healings” every third Thursday of the month at the Bloor Cinema, as part of Rue Morgue Magazine’s CineMacabre. The event brings the world’s best horror and gore films to Toronto. The duo are in Montreal this weekend for their French “crusade” — Tabernac Satan Hardcore — at the Fear and Loathing festival. Pastor Wilkes, a native of Grimsby, has laid claim to healing everything from social anxiety to infertility — in a shifty Southern lilt. Zosia Bielski spoke to the duo… Read more.

Runnin’ with the Devil – An article by Chris Rolfe at Eye Weekly
Cloven Path Ministries’ Satanic miracle crusades might seem like a joke, but these devil’s advocates aren’t playing. In this age of reason, there are still mysteries – confusing and contradictory phenomena – that defy everyday logic. It is confounding to the soul, and in such cases we can only look to religion for the answers… Read more.