Pastor Morgan Wilkes is a celebrated and respected Evangelical Prophet of Satan and is known to harness the power of the Devil bringing about Miracle Healings. Pastor Morgan teaches that the Devil wants us to hold a position of High Influence, Wealth & Power, and to Serve the Flesh. Through various missionary programs and tireless crusading, the Pastor is bringing the sinning masses closer to Satan and igniting the Demonic Potential inside as all. He has touched the Hearts, Minds and Souls of people all over the world who bare testimony to his Miracle Healing Powers. The Devil has been divining through Morgan Wilkes ever since a rollercoaster disaster that nearly claimed his life. “That day I made a Covenant with the Devil and received the Holy Re-Possession. A few hours later, I was leaving for tolerant Canada to start the world’s first and only Evangelical Satanic Outreach Ministry.” Through countless missionary programs and tireless crusading, the Pastor and his Ministry are Victorious in spreading the Gospel of Sin.

Victor Marshall comes from a long line of amusement park operations. By the time he was fourteen he had his very own “Gravitron” and “Zipper” rides. He happened upon Pastor Morgan Wilkes one night at a county fair. The Pastor boarded the “Zipper” and Victor Marshall was astonished at what happened next. The ride practically lifted off the ground rotating erratically, the caged compartment opened all by itself and the Pastor invited Marshall inside leaving Satan at the controls. Victor Marshall never got off that ride, he has been travelling and preaching with Pastor Morgan ever since. His continuous efforts have led to the formulation of the ministries famous Anointing Oil. Through these studies he was able to obtain a PHD in Demonology and is currently at the forefront of microwave research. Dr. Victor Marshall resides at the Toronto Parsonage where he keeps bees and filters pornography for the National Film Board.

Simon Cross found Cloven Path Ministries the 21st Century way, corresponding with the Pastor online since the age of fifteen.

He recently left his oppressive christian life in Harbord Springs Connecticut and moved into the Toronto Parsonage with Pastor Morgan and Dr. Victor Marshall. Elder Cross is on the frontline of Cloven Path Ministries, travelling on public transit by day, sparking up conversations about the Devil. With a youthful zeal for The Word, he brings guidance and compassion to those living without Satan.

The Pastor had been called to Cornwall Ontario where there had been reports of an oil smear on a window that looked exactly like Satan. And when the light would shine on through that window it would project a perfect image of Satan onto the adjacent wall. People had been gathering there to bask in the light and receive the Holy Repossession. One such man was Jessop, who arrived crippled in a wheel chair. It took him three hours to crawl up a narrow and dilapidated stairwell so he could reach the Devil’s light; but only seconds to march down those same steps and across the street where he started to run and dance praising the Devil.

Jessop recently won first place at the ministry talent show dazzling the crowd with his accordion mastery.

Christian Graves became obsessed with the jesus and christianity at a young age. He would perform inappropriate acts with religious paraphernalia and as a teenager fell victim to a christian doomsday cult. After giving away all his personal possessions to the lord, his affluent father stepped in and took charge of his life. Mr. Graves sent his son to Pastor Morgan along with a sizeable donation in hopes of rehabilitating him. He had read about the ministry in the National Post and felt Christian would be safest at the Toronto Parsonage far from the reaches of religious fundamentalism. Now heavily medicated, Christian Graves enjoys a carefree Devil Enriched life without the stresses of sin, judgement and apocalypse.